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Paper & Honey is hiring!


It’s true! We’re hiring!

Building Paper & Honey in 2013, I was excited to do everything. I’m my own boss! I’m booking clients, handling my accounting and bookkeeping, upping my social media game, packing up orders, designing gorgeous paper, everything. All by myself. I am unstoppable! Look at me go!

…until business picked up, reality smacked me upside the head, and I realized I can’t do every single thing if I want to keep my sanity. Earlier this year I dissolved into a puddly panic attack, and not my first. It wasn’t pretty — think breaths that were impossible to catch and lots and lots of tears. My amazing husband has listened to me cry countless times, telling him about my fears of never “catching up,” of being strapped down by mundane tasks, of never having personal time because I’m always working. Frustrated complaints of never being able to move forward with my next dream because I simply don’t have the bandwidth. I’m over “hustle.” Hustle doesn’t mean anything if my reward is drowning… and drowning… and drowning.

Enter the bizarre concept of letting go of control. With huge thanks to long talks with Michelle Loretta and Jenna Kutcher (oh man do I love you guys!!) I’ve realized that not only can I not do it all, I don’t have to! I am SO excited to begin the process of hiring an assistant!

I am looking for a right hand lady to help ease my workload so that I can serve my clients in doing what I do best — creating. I’m based in Brighton, Michigan, and while I would LOVE to have someone local, this work can be done remotely. This position is paid with compensation based upon experience, and although it’s part time, the opportunity for growth and further involvement within Paper & Honey is absolutely possible. You’ll also receive first hand experience of working with a growing wedding stationery and calligraphy studio. Also, friendship. Awwww.

Sound like this is for you? Read on for further details, friendy!


Responsibilities include:
  • Client concierge
    • Managing inquiries and emails
    • Quoting, invoicing, and sending contracts
    • Acquiring testimonials and event photos
    • Managing copy and messaging in my voice
  • Information tracking and record keeping
  • Social media content building and marketing
  • Newsletter content building and marketing
  • Willing to learn:
    • Optimizing blog posts for SEO
    • Tracking Google analytics


The right person for this job:
  • is a fantastic and open communicator
  • is friendly and empathetic — a people person
  • connects with the P&H mission and core values
  • pays great attention to detail
  • has strong oral and written communication skills
  • is an independent worker and self-starter
  • is flexible and willing to help where needed
  • has an A+ sense of humor!
  • meets deadlines easily
  • has a passion for creative entrepreneurship
  • is bountiful in grace as I figure this whole thing out


Hiring requirements:
  • ability to commit to up to 10-15 hours per week
  • ability to work within P&H office hours of 9-5 EST
  • reliable computer access
  • dependable internet connection
  • familiarity with creative industry


Bonus points if you have:
  • experience in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
  • familiarity with wedding, paper, or design industries
  • experience with 17hats, WordPress, and Google Docs
  • knowledge in typography and typesetting
  • Bachelor’s degree


Everything gravy?

To apply, please email with the subject “P&H assistant — (your first and last name)” by June 3rd, 2016, with the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Workweek availability
  • Link to your Instagram
  • Link to your website or portfolio, if applicable
  • Link to one of your favorite YouTube videos. I know, I know, picking just one is so hard.*


Are you interested but scared you might not be fully qualified? That’s totally fine! Shoot me an email anyway and let’s chat.

Thanks, friends! I cannot wait to hear from you. Cheers to moving and shaking and hiring and exciting new things.

* For the record, here’s mine.

Photo taken by Andrea Pesce Photography for Paper & Honey, LLC


  1. Hi Laura! I just stumbled on your website through instagram, and love your work! I feel like we’re in the same boat, but you’re further down the river from me. haha. I run a letterpress wedding invitation shop near Toronto, Canada, and I just took it on full time and quit my day job, and well, I totally know this feeling you’re talking about here – the hustle is real! Running a business on my own is crazier than I ever thought it would be. It’s not all relaxing and coffee and designing whenever you want. Anyway, sorry about the super long comment – this post just really spoke to me and I feel the exact same way. It’s funny that you mention Jenna Kutcher – I just joined her Instagram Lab insiders group and am working on upping my game on social media (which is SO hard for me). If there’s any advice you have for me, I’d love to hear it! Anyway, hope you find the perfect assistant! Best of luck!

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