sound familiar?

I’m the chick you turn to when you’re burnt out on late night Pinterest scrolling and cheap design... when you’re worrying if all of the details will come together juuuust right.

I thought so. And look at you go, crossin’ things off that to-do list already! You found yourself in the right place.

(If budget allowed, here’s where I’d play a clip of when Harry gets to Hogwarts for the first time and feels all sorts of magical.)

( i feel weird about this look-at-my-face slideshow but it is what it is. )

Because your story is significant. And a story rich in love deserves a little permanent ink, dontcha think?

I think there's nothing more delicious than letterpress on thick cotton, more delightful than bespoke artwork, or more valuable than creating family heirlooms from day one.

With a fine arts degree in my back pocket, six years of calligraphy experience, and more ideas than I know what to do with, I’m a solar-powered designer enamored with translating love stories on paper. 

Since 2013, I’ve been the right-hand lady for over two hundred couples.

I'm Laura and I have a lot of paper-feelings.

i thought you'd never ask.

Okay Laura, I read your fancy bio. But where are the fun facts?

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This is Max. He's my best friend in the whole world and I was lucky enough to marry him in May 2013. It snowed ( May...) and our officiant was an hour late and a rooster crowed through our entire ceremony and I was so anxious I couldn't eat and I didn't even get a piece of my wedding cake.

My main man

It was the best day ever.

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He's an operating room nurse by day, Paper & Honey® pressman by night. Max has a hand in nearly every bridal order that goes out the door, from printing invitation suites to helping me brainstorm our next big idea. His secret powers include clever and masterful wordplay (need a pun or a song right on the spot?), woodworking and building, and making me laugh until I'm sobbing and need to blow my nose. He's just the best.

My main man

( there's our lil veggie garden! )

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Look at them!! They're so cute I can't stand it! Moose and Pippa are our two rescue pups and my bffs. They make me feel like Beyoncé and just love it when I sing exactly like her, too. They're weird little guys — Moose won't eat his food if it's not directly on the floor and Pippa won't leave a room without bringing her favorite toy with her — but OMG. I love them.

Moose & Pippa

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I have a killer collection. Nothing makes me happier than Saturdays spent in a greenhouse picking out friends to add to my plant fam — or at a flea market finding new little homes to propagate them in. 

(Also, their roots are hot pink. Science!)

I have a thing with succulents

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I've been a faux redhead since 2010 when I had a bad break up. I wanted a tattoo and a facial piercing... and ended up with the least painful option. Lucky for me I fell in love with the first box color I found! 

I'm known for my red hair and my four eyes

Glasses I've had since preschool. My eyeballs are terrible and do me no favors except the opportunity to grow my glasses collection.

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I read the books before they were cool. And I'm not the type of person to say that, but it's the only thing in my entire life that I did before it got cool, so I'm hanging onto it. Also I feel scholarly when my mom calls on Monday mornings asking me what happened in last night's episode. Like I said, super cool.

okay, here I'm barb from stranger things. because i have no got pictures and this is still kind of fantasy.

I'm really into Game of Thrones

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My family consists of me and my parents, so I grew up entertaining myself.

I'm an only child

I think that explains a lot.

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Max and I started doing hot yoga late 2016 and it has quickly changed everything for us. It's one of the most challenging things I've ever done, but hands down the most rewarding.

Hot yoga is my happy place

heather nash photography

First goal? Get strong enough that I can open a dang pickle jar all by myself. Second goal, crow pose. Third goal, something cool enough that I can update this page with an actual yoga photo. Small victories!

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My drink of choice. Michigan is a sacred and holy land, full of of Great Lakes and craft beer. Our summers look a lot like camping and beer festivals, sitting on the back porch after work with Spotify and a cold bottle and string lights. Actual heaven.

Craft beer, please

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( that's me gazing lovingly )

Recipe for the perfect burrito? Brown rice, black beans, chorizo or chicken, salsa verde, cheese, sour cream, and guac. Guac is ESSENTIAL. 

Burritos are my love language

alicia lacey photography

This year there was a Chipotle gift card in my Christmas stocking and it was like my family finally understood me. #blessed

Huge Bob Marley fan

Named after Gladwin, Michigan, where we adopted her

Named after Gladwin, MI, where we adopted her

One ton of cast iron goodness

Born circa 1924

winnie the press

Secretly wishes he was on The Great British Bake-Off

Dark beer fanatic

Winnie-wrangler; brings designs to life and print

Born on Valentine's Day

Max the pressman

Meet the rest of the Paper & Honey® team

aka where the magic happens

Our studio

While the day-to-day designing and client communications happen in the P&H office, the real magic can be found in our garage-turned-letterpress-studio. With two big windows and lots of natural light, it can get pretty dreamy in here! Think loud music during golden hour, a bottle of your favorite beer, working with your hands, and the thrill of seeing a design come to life.

Who knew that the garage of all places would end up one of the most-loved rooms of our home?

Be an eco-friendly and conscious steward of mother earth

Communicate honestly and effectively

Invest in genuine relationships

Build a culture of generosity and trust

Do all things in kindness

Curate details both big and small

Encourage laughter and silliness

Create thoughtful paper, worthy of being a family heirloom

Cultivate an exceptional client experience

Radiate warmth and gratitude

and a few core values that help us create just that

We believe in meaningful paper for meaningful marriages

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andrea pesce photography

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