Hi! We're Paper & Honey.
We use antique printing presses, sustainable materials, and elbow grease to print one-of-a-kind artwork for stationery lovers.

new-timey times


old-timey printing

Laura Joseph

We're a husband & wife team printing out of our home studio in Michigan.

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With the first moveable type press invented in the 1400s, letterpress has survived 600 years as a remarkable and innovative printing method. In a constantly evolving digital world, letterpress remains steadfast in its tactile, sincere, and by-hand nature.

way back when

printing like they did

twins lol

and maybe a sniff for good measure. (we don't judge.)

Think toothy cotton papers and deep, dimensional impressions. Think varying subtleties between prints — no two are exactly the same. Think handmade paper, printed by hand, with hand mixed inks. Think paper so deliciously luxurious you just have to run your fingers over it.

And you're in fantastic company.

If you're someone who appreciates the fine details, covets authenticity and artisan quality, and sees the value of intentional goods made by hand, you might just be into letterpress.

"If you want to get excited about paper, just talk to Laura Joseph for about 30 seconds. Her passion for it — and specifically for letterpress printed paper — is infectious."

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warning: may be contagious

in trying really, really hard for perfection — and then embracing the inevitably imperfect

in the slow, intentional, and by-hand

We believe

what kind of printers are we?
why do we do what we do?
what makes us different?

slow, intentional, by hand

Laura Joseph

new-timey times


old-timey printing

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When your suite is completed and we've moved into production mode, your designs are made into custom photopolymer plates. With letterpress, colors are printed one at a time, requiring a different plate and machine set-up per color.

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