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Hands-on printing
for hands-on designers.

Wholesale print club

let's help you make yours.

Thankfully, impressions — deep, textural, and handcrafted — just so happen to be our specialty.

is your first impression.

As a designer, your portfolio

Because you shouldn't lose sleep over paper.

in need of portfolio-worthy work, an empathetic production team, and peace of mind.

Wholesale fine printing for stationery designers

Wholesale letterpress printing for stationery designers in need of portfolio-worthy work, an empathetic production team, and peace of mind.

Welcome to the Paper & Honey Print Club

To empower stationery designers through high-quality printing, kind and honest communication, and the peace of mind of always knowing what to expect when opening that UPS package.


The P&H Print Club is our wholesale letterpress program. Members receive discounted wholesale printing rates, priority in our production queue, and access to text proofing and communication.


Membership is open to stationers and designers who specialize in the design and resale of stationery.


As a kid I had recurring nightmares about tornadoes. As a designer they’re about a print job arriving in a weird color.

Um. calling my therapist.

Spending $$$ on a letterpress dream project (hello time, energy, & heart), only to find subpar printing, low quality control, missed expectations, and unhappy clients?

Emergency mode: activated.

Popular envelopes are out-of-stock everywhere and you needed them yesterday?

Immediate dread.

Lost shipments during the holidays?

During my decade-ish-long career as a stationery designer, I've learned that anxiety tends to come with the territory:

There’s nothing quite like the anxiety of placing an expensive letterpress order and hoping the results match your expectations.

I'm already sweating.

our stress-free solution for stationery designers in need of high-quality wholesale letterpress and foil printing.

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Studio Capabilities

We take great care ensuring that nothing goes out our door without an extensive QC check. Once we confirm your prints meet our high expectations, they're carefully packed up in recycled materials and prepped for shipment. The remaining balance is due at this time and you'll receive tracking info sent to your email. 


step three

Production begins the day after we receive your finalized design file! Depending on our current queue and your project scope, it'll take about 10-15 days to complete printing and any finishing services. We'll be in touch with any questions we might have along the way, whether it's a quick clarifying phone call or a text to ensure your ink color is just right.

Print & production

step two

Print Club members are invited to complete an online order form with their outlined vector file. We'll also need project details (quantity, ink color, size), a digital mock-up of the printed design, and a 50% retainer to reserve your spot in our production queue.

Place order

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Three easy steps to happier clients.

The process

You celebrate the unique imperfections that come with fine printing — each piece is one-of-a-kind.

You've got your designs done & ready to go — now, you just need a trusted printer for production.

You're not looking for overnight rushed projects at the expense of quality.

You want a portfolio full of your *best* work to attract those dream clients.

You (& your clients!) value artisanal, well-crafted goods, printed by-hand.

We might be a great fit if...

Get our Letterpress Prep Guide and learn how to set-up your Illustrator files for *chef's kiss* printing, every time.

Helping demystify letterpress printing.

Hands-on printing
for hands-on designers.

I’m Laura, the solar-powered founder and artist behind Paper & Honey®. You can find me soaking in Michigan summers or spending Saturdays poking through flea markets. Passions include antiques and ephemera, horror movies, sandhill cranes, the Bravo cinematic universe, and each and every golden hour. If I love anything at all, it’s a tchotchke. 

A treasure hunter by nature, I light up at the subtle, special details. The part of me thrilled to sift through antique store baubles is the same part on the edge of my seat to hear your story — your hidden gems, your history! How can we take your inside jokes and unique life experiences and translate through a rich palette of texture, pattern, and color? With a degree in fine arts and over ten years experience in stationery design, I still get goosebumps with every story I get to tell. 

Hey there!