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Creative at Heart Conference: Denver

Denver, Colorado / Creative at Heart Conference



If you’re going somewhere super cool, be careful how much information you tell me. I might invite myself along. Or at least that was the case last summer when my girlfriend Erin and her (now fiancé!) Dave told me aaaaall about their upcoming trip to Denver. “That sounds soooooo fun!” I said. “I’ve aaaalways wanted to go to Colorado!” I hinted. “Oh, look at that. My schedule is totally open. Weird, I’m usually booked, it’s almost like I was supposed to go on your trip with you LOL.” Hinthinthinthint. And what do you know, we were invited! And it came from left field, I had no idea they were even thinking about asking us to come along! #blessed

PS. Erin and Dave, thanks for putting up with me.

Denver quickly became one of my very favorite places. A city in the red rocks, cute walkable neighborhoods, 1920s bungalows squeezed between ultramodern townhouses, craft breweries all over the place, the Red Rocks Amphitheater, the list of why Denver is awesome goes on. Not to mention the BEST breakfasts we ever had. Shoutout to Snooze AM Eatery! We went for four days and accidentally ate at Snooze for three of them, whoops. How can you say no to sweet potato pancake flights and balsamic eggs benedict? You can’t, I say. It’s like swimming against the ocean and everybody knows I got stuck in the last swim lane in high school gym class. You’re much better off just being swept off into the delicious, buttery, eggs-benedict-y tide.

Denver is one of our happy places and that’s why I’m SO excited to head back with the Creative at Heart Conference! This July 24 – 25 we’ll be packing our bags and bringing Creative to our very first western event. If you’re a creative business owner within the first three years of business, this is for you. If you’re aching for community, education, inspiration, happy tears, and laughter with 80 other women (and men!) going through the same journey, this is for you. If you love breakfast, this is for you. That’s a win-win-win in my book! Visit our website for more information and a full speaker and panelist lineup.

Registration opens Monday, April 4, 2016, at 8pm EDT. But before then, we’re hosting a live webinar TOMORROW at 9pm EDT to reveal some fun announcements and announce further details! You won’t want to miss it. Will we see you there?



Photo taken by Meredith Sledge Photography and Megan Kelsey Photography


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