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Creative Spotlight Interview

A few months ago I had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by Ashley Bush! Ash and I met in March 2015 at the Creative at Heart Conference and I was instantly impressed by her. She’s a cool chick who’s not afraid to work hard and carve a big roomy space for herself in our industry. You may have seen her incredible hand-painted nib holders (made by her husband Zach!), her intricate watercolor illustrations, or her vast skillset with calligraphy and lettering, and if you haven’t, I’m so sorry. You’re missing out.

This interview was SO much fun to both write and read! Ash certainly spoiled me with all of her kind words, and I want to print it out and keep it under my pillow. You know, where I keep all my love letters.

Head over to read a little bit about my story, my vision for the future, how forming friendships with my clients is what fills my cup, and perhaps most important of all, my favorite TV shows. It’s good stuff!


Creative Spotlight Interview


We *are* using their printing presses, though.

This ain't your granddaddy's print shop.