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Guys. Want to hear the sweetest words in the wedding world?

Off season. 

You thought it’d be “I do” or something totally nice and romantic, right? NAH. Off season is it, babe. And what a sweet season this is.

From January to September, wedding vendors like me are working our little tails off. Emails, proposals, design, emails, paperwork, traveling, emails, calligraphy, emails, emails, emails. Endless production. Endless emails. Endless. Go mode on, always.

Except for when the endless ends. Sweet October, there you are! Allowing me to sit back and breathe and bask in a day that isn’t go-go-go.

I love my job, I LOVE my brides, I love what I do. But oh man is it the nicest thing ever to be able to take a break! It’s like tacos. Do I want to eat tacos every day? Duh. Dumb question, next. Of course I do. But if you eat the Best Taco every day, it doesn’t feel like the Best Taco anymore. It feels like a Regular Taco. And then you’re like, alright… I’m sick of these Regular Tacos. I’ve been eating Regular Tacos for 10 months straight now and it’s feeling like I’m in the mood for Decent Pad Thai. I’d even settle for some So-So Pad Thai. And that So-So Pad Thai looks like quitting my job and stocking shelves at Target if it means I don’t have to answer emails anymore.

(Moving on. I’m getting hungry.)

So, what does off season look like? Off season looks like sitting back and shifting my focus from the immediate “what do I need to do this very minute” to the lasting “where do I need to be when wedding season kicks back up?” It’s a chance for me to breathe and think about the back end, to look at my processes and the past wedding season, to analyze what worked and what didn’t. Having the next couple of months to focus on Paper & Honey as a whole feels like the coldest, freshest drink of water after 6 hours of hot yoga. This water is in a tall glass that doesn’t sweat and has the perfect amount of ice cubes. It’s also infused with strawberries and mint and lots of good things. Basically, it’s just the best, and I’ve been REALLY looking forward to it.

Ever since hiring Ally, my Right Hand Lady, I’ve been trying to think of what this season should look like (and what bringing on an assistant “should” look like). This season I want to focus on tackling a bunch of the “maybe one day I’ll get to this but probably not lol” tasks on my never ending to-do list, and now that I have a beautiful curly-haired Einstein on my team, it actually seems plausible! So, first up: big ol’ changes to the blog and newsletter. 


The Honey Post newsletter

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “…you have a newsletter?” Why yes, friendy, in fact I do. This very-important facet to my business — some business experts would argue is the MOST important — has been utilized exactly once back in January 2014. I launched Paper & Honey. The newsletter was like, “hey, I launched Paper & Honey!” … and… that’s it.

The newsletter has always been a big struggle for me because I never knew WHAT exactly I would send out. My clients and ideal clients are brides (obligatory “and grooms too!”), so if I’m asking permission to be in their inbox, it should be beneficial. So — do I send wedding resources? Tips on etiquette? Invitation inspiration? Maybe. But… what happens when they’re married? As soon as they say “I do,” they won’t give a big toe on how to address their envelopes. Tips on tracking down Uncle Steve’s long-lost RSVP? Don’t care. And I don’t blame them! Wedding planning is such an arduous and intense process — as soon as I became a Mrs., I tossed my planning binder into a bonfire and laughed maniacally as I watched it burn. Not really. But oh MAN was I so happy to not have to worry about the process anymore! I was ready to enjoy my marriage first and foremost.

Marriage. That’s what it comes down to. That’s where my heart is, that’s my mission. I want to celebrate and uplift marriage, whether it’s on your horizon or something you’ve been celebrating for the past ten years. While I obviously hope the newsletter grows my business and my reach, my ultimate goal is to provide content that’s happy, helpful, and celebratory, and applicable to women nearing, past, or waaay far away from their wedding aisle.

What does this look like? Think date night ideas with your honey. Personal letters from me and whatever’s on my heart. Tips on cultivating your own succulent garden. The latest work and blog posts from Paper & Honey. Fun freebies. Wedding planning and educational content. And the best part? Paper & Punny, my little internet outlet for dumb jokes and fun facts. (I’m most excited about this, omg.) The good news is that it’s only good news. Nothing spammy, nothing sales-y. Just heartfelt letters, good vibes, and dad jokes, delivered right to your inbox once monthly.

Does this sound like it’s up your alley? Right on sister, me too. Sign up for the Honey Post right here. #mailkimp


The Paper & Honey blog

Starting this month, I’m cleaning the dust bunnies off this e-diary and updating once a week. This space is vastly underutilized and I’m going to try my hardest to change that, promise! Imagine: actual real-life updates on client work, all ~official~ on my website rather than half-forgotten Instagram posts. What a concept.

So — what else will I be sharing here?

Paper & Honey Brides. I love my brides and grooms and am constantly and consistently inspired by their stories. Engagement photos, love stories, weddings, interviews… it’ll be a peek into the people I have the pleasure of working with for the better part of a year. My clients are wonderful delightful hilarious people, and as much as I want to horde them all to myself, I suppose I should spread the love and share them with you, too. Aren’t you lucky!

Personal. In recent years I’ve come to the brand-new realization that I’m fairly private. Which is weird in the age of promoting a business over social media, you know? But I LOVE talking! I love chatting and learning and getting to know people, and I’m hoping that by opening up, others will get to know me, too. (This is mostly me trying to come up with excuses to put my DSLR to good use. Or, God willing, learn HOW to put my DSLR to good use. Home tour, anyone?)

Marriage. See above statement on marriage. I’m not quite sure what this will look like yet… letters to Max, our wedding story, thoughts on quality time… but that’s okay. Anything is better than what I’m doing currently, and what I’m doing currently is nothing. I could talk about how marriage is awesome forever.

Educational content. SO MANY of my clients have questions on questions regarding their stationery. How do I write my invitation suite? Do I need a reception card? What’s up with the “M” on RSVPs? And I totally get it — they’ve never had to do this before and learning a whole new set of etiquette and how-tos is daunting. That’s where I come in! I’ve sent countless emails with advice and education, and it’s about time that I take what I know and share it right here, whether it’s how to address your envelopes or the difference between various printing methods. Have a topic you’d love more information on? Let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

Businessy things. Even though my clients are brides, a part of me will always love talking shop with other business owners. After all, that’s why I began offering one-on-one coaching sessions! This will cover the practical (my favorite calligraphy supplies, what it’s like to own a stationery company, how to price) to the heartfelt (fear of failure, starting before you’re ready, being lovingly unapologetic). And it’ll be some goooood stuff.

Thanks for reading, friends. A+ changes are on the horizon and they couldn’t look better.


Did you scroll all the way to the bottom and skim this post? Efficient. I like it. In case you missed it, there are major changes coming to the blog. And look at you, you’re already here! I knew you were good. The newsletter is also being born into existence and you can sign up right here


  1. Kat says:

    Laura!!! I am SO proud & excited for you!!!!! This is amazing, friend!!!!! Can’t WAIT to follow #allthethings 🙂 xo!!!

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