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It was my birthday on Monday! I turned 25 and it feels alright, I suppose. Six months ago I was panicky about the idea of being 25 — I can tell I’m beginning to age physically, I’m probably going to have to seriously consider kids within the next few years, and the fact that I’m now in the “mid-twenties” instead of “early-twenties” category makes me clutch my pearls just a little bit tighter.

(I know everyone over-25 currently reading this is rolling their eyes so hard right now. I KNOW, GUYS. Please remember this blog is a judgement free zone.)

But you know what? Life is awesome. My early twenties were phenomenal! There are SO many incredible things lined up for me, Max, and Paper & Honey this year. My 24th year presented opportunities I never thought possible. I made lifelong friends, began my dream business, and celebrated one joy-filled year of marriage. And I feel a little bit wiser for all of it. So, 25: I’m not afraid of you. We’re going to be great pals. And March 2nd? You better believe I rode that lowered-car-insurance high allllll day.

So to celebrate, I went to the movies with my main guy and my parents, drank a Soft Parade, ate a boatload of sushi, received not one but TWO red velvet cakes (I’m noticing a food trend…), and curated some goals for the next year of my life. I’ve always loved Amanda of Wit & Whistle’s birthday lists — what a great way to get fun stuff done, right? I have a 101 in 1001 list but 1001 days is kind of a long time. I think narrowing it down will help me these goals seem realistic and not just a dream-clump.

    1. Read at least ten books. (1 April — Still Alice. 2 April — Girl on the Train)
    2. Paint something big and awesome for our mantle.
    3. Host at least six dinner parties, one of which a murder mystery party.
    4. Rip out the carpet in our bedroom, the guest bedroom, and the Paper & Honey studio. Done! April 2015
    5. Finally repaint the walls in our kitchen and living room. Done! Fall 2015
    6. Curate and hang a gallery wall. Done! Fall 2015
    7. Run a 5k (says the girl who hasn’t left her house since it turned sub-zero two months ago). A 10k if I’m feeling ambitious! Fingers crossed I’m feeling ambitious.
    8. Add at least ten new products to the Paper & Honey shop.
    9. Paint our front door a pretty color.
    10. Try six new restaurants in our area. (1. Block Brewery  2. The Wooden Spoon  3. Smoke Street BBQ)
    11. Upgrade our bed. Memory foam please! Done! June 2015
    12. Clear out all the stuff in our extra room and begin to design / organize an actual guest bedroom. Done! Winter 2015
    13. Have headshots taken. Professional ones, not the kind where I’m fake laughing by myself in my backyard with a shutter remote.  Done! March 2015
    14. Get my wisdom teeth out 🙁 🙁 🙁  Done! April 2015
    15. Wear sunscreen every day.
    16. Take Moose & Pippa hiking in the summer. Or fall. Or spring. Never winter. Done! Summer 2015
    17. Plant an herb garden and don’t let it die immediately. Done! June 2015
    18. Make sushi and friends to eat it with. See #3!
    19. Finish the trademarking process.
    20. Find industry friends in the southeastern Michigan area and seek genuine, heartfelt relationships with them.
    21. Visit my best friend in Chicago when it’s not so cold your heart stops.
    22. Make Max breakfast in bed just because.
    23. Launch a website for my mom’s handmade bag business. Done! Check it out!
    24. Figure out how to make my first font. Even if it’s not that good.
    25. Run a 10k. I’m going to be ambitious.

You’ve got your work cut out for you, 25-year-old Laura. Best of luck. xo

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