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The #1 reason to attend a conference or workshop

It feels like there are a TON of options for the modern boss lady to receive education, doesn’t it? Conferences, one day workshops, weeklong retreats. You can learn nearly anything from a plethora of experts in your field, packaged with gorgeously styled meals, statement necklaces, lush floral centerpieces, and bags of swag with a pretty bow on top. You arrive not knowing what to expect and leave with a head and heart packed full of inspiration and ideas. You learn SO much and can’t wait to apply practical knowledge to your business!

But beyond the excitement, the traveling to new places, the pretty packaging, and the lessons learned, there’s one big reason you should step outside your comfort zone and and attend an event like Creative at Heart.

The people.

You will meet people that will change your life. Your roomies, a speaker, a girl that sits next to you at lunch — these women will alter the course of your business for the better. They will celebrate your triumphs with you, be present when they’re most needed, and be your shoulder to cry on. They will send you flowers after you have surgery just to let you know that you’re in their thoughts and they wish they could be there to hold your hand. They’re Your People. They GET you.


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When you get home you may sit down at your computer and pull out all your notes, blog about your experience, write a business plan, work on your social media, improve your client experience… all vastly important things! But that won’t be your big takeaway. Your takeaway will be the impromptu pizza party in a hotel room with your temporary roommates, drinking wine out of plastic cups and laughing until two in the morning. Or driving to the airport together and crying when you finally have to part ways. Or maybe you hold it together better than me and don’t shed tears at the slightest little happy thing… maybe that’s just me 🙂

Creative at Heart is a game changer for our industry, friends. And I do not say that lightly. A room full of 100 creatives — from photographers, to wedding planners, to graphic designers, to florists, to stationers (woo woo!), to make up artists and cake designers — there is POWER in a room full of that many dreamers. You are loved on and you are cherished. You and your lofty ambitions are encouraged. There is no such thing as “industry secrets” because we’re all in it together. Your success is MY success because I WANT to see you achieve incredible, incredible things! Community over competition — “a rising tide lifts all ships,” doesn’t it?


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If you’re into late night pajama parties, a filled-to-the-brim heart, and practical knowledge from industry leaders, I would love to invite you to join us this November at Creative at Heart round three! We’re headed to Charleston, South Carolina November 15-16 and taking up residence at the Francis Marion Hotel for what’s sure to be a phenomenal two days of small business and intentional community.

We’ll have speakers including Katelyn James, Natalie Franke, Bonnie Bakhtiari, Mary Marantz, and Krista Jones returning, as well as new speakers including Ashlee Proffitt, Shay Cochrane, and Molly Stillman to share their big beautiful brains and information on finding your niche, meeting your clients’ needs and giving them a one-of-a-kind experience, creating an authentic brand, ways to be financially smart, SEO and blogging, how to charge what you’re worth… and so much more. I know that’s SUCH a cliche — “and SO much more!” — but you guys would be here ALL DAY if I sat here and listed everything that Creative has to offer! Ha! See all of our speakers as well as all of our incredible panelists!


The #1 reason to attend a workshop or conference  / Creative at Heart Conference / via Paper & Honey (



Registration opens tonight at 8:00 pm est!

Make sure you have your alarms set and your mouse-finger ready because round three tickets go on sale TONIGHT at 8:00 pm est! Me and the rest of the Creative at Heart team are beyond excited to the point of giddiness to open up registration. Every time a ticket is sold, every time we see a new name join our Creative family, every time we discover that person’s business and her hopes and dreams, every time we KNOW she’s going to walk away from this conference and go on to do amazing things… we celebrate. We celebrate each and every one of you and the fact that you’re taking this next step — that you’re investing in yourself. You’re investing in your dreams. And that’s a big deal!

Find out more about Creative at Heart round three including pricing, payment plan information, FAQs, and kind words from past attendees on our website. Any questions? Feel free to email us!

Check out our brand new video below and hear what some speakers have to say about this amazing experience! And… see you in November? I sure hope so. xo




Thanks so much to Annamarie Akins, Amanda Hedgepeth, Hope Taylor, and Justin Marantz for these awesome photos! See more photos from both round one and two on our gallery. BIG thank you to The Herrintons for both being a cutie patootie couple and providing us with this perfect promo video!


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