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Three months and counting

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It struck me really hard the other day. Max and I had gone to see a movie, and in the theater, out of nowhere, it just really hit me. We’re getting married in three months. I can’t even remember what it was exactly that made me think, “Three months is a whole lot shorter than twenty-three months,” because twenty-three months might as well be infinity, and infinity is how long I’ve felt like I’ve been waiting since we got engaged. But three months. Soon it’ll be two months, then one, then a week, then tomorrow, then.. it. IT. I’ll be married to my best friend.

Wow. It’s happening, isn’t it?

Maybe someday I’ll share with the internet my story of falling in naive teenage love, absolutely head over heels for someone I was without-a-doubt-convinced I’d spend the rest of my happy years with, then getting my heart shattered. That story is something I still hold close to my soul because I am so glad it happened. So, so, so glad. Isn’t it strange how the thing that you swear in that moment you’d do anything to change turns out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to you? It left me able to find someone else. My someone. Someone that makes me feel all of those love stories and cliche sayings about destiny; someone that makes me feel a little something for sappy love songs on the inside. I really do believe that everything no matter how insignificant happens for a reason.

I guess I just wanted to take advantage of this little blog to write a bit about how I’m feeling at this moment. I’m feeling lucky, I’m feeling blessed, I’m feeling excited, and I’d be lying if I didn’t also say how I’m feeling really strange that this is actually happening. I never thought that I would be feeling this blissful or have such a hard time putting it into words.

I’m so happy.

– L

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