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We go together like The Happy Pencil + really great type

You know what’s really hard? Making a wedding registry. It’s one of two times* you’re able to just ask for anything you want with reckless abandon and not feel weird about it. It took me forever to feel “done” with my registry – I was scouring for sales, making sure my guests didn’t feel like they had to spend too much on me, and listing putting the most practical items. Tupperware got priority over the tiny golden ampersand I’d love to live on my desk.

It took a pep talk from my future sister-in-law to feel alright about asking for things I really want. Up went a decent sheet set, gardening tools, an herb planter, and this kickass letter opener. Don’t mind if I do! I’m no stranger for scouring the Internet and whining about things I’d LOVE to have, but when there’s a real possibility that I could actually get it, that’s a pretty cool thing. It’s been fun pushing my guilt and lusting over potential me-gifts. Like these awesome handdrawn prints!

* The second time is when you have your first baby. If and when that comes around I’ll feel totally justified asking for most everything – I mean, I just pushed this thing out. Give me things for it.

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Illustrator Steph Baxter of The Happy Pencil Shoppe makes some seriously cute typographic prints, and I’m a big fan of her “we go together like” series. Handdrawn lettering AND my favorite condiments? Done. I’m a goner. And with that distressed edging, you don’t even need a frame! How thrifty.

Adding these to my registry was a decision that took all of 0.00005 seconds. Hopefully one will be in my kitchen sometime soon. Check out Steph’s other awesome work and maybe your kitchen could have a new friend too.  – L

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We *are* using their printing presses, though.

This ain't your granddaddy's print shop.