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I’m Laura, the solar-powered founder and artist behind Paper & Honey®. You can find me soaking in Michigan summers or spending Saturdays poking through flea markets. Passions include antiques and ephemera, horror movies, sandhill cranes, the Bravo cinematic universe, and each and every golden hour. If I love anything at all, it’s a tchotchke. 

A treasure hunter by nature, I light up at the subtle, special details. The part of me thrilled to sift through antique store baubles is the same part on the edge of my seat to hear your story — your hidden gems, your history! How can we take your inside jokes and unique life experiences and translate through a rich palette of texture, pattern, and color? With a degree in fine arts and over ten years experience in stationery design, I still get goosebumps with every story I get to tell. 

Hey there!