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Make Your Mark / 11

sweet as sugar  /  handlettered by Paper & Honey

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Life has been pretty sweet to me lately.

  • Max and I have been taking advantage of this awesome weather to finally do some yard work, as it took zero priority when we moved in our house in November. We have about a half acre and there are tons of leaves. It’s not terrible though – last night we used our firepit for the first time to burn what we had cleared up, had a couple of beers, and enjoyed what felt like the beginning of summer at our new home.
  • I’ve been designing wedding materials like a fiend in order to open up shop by summer. I’m really happy with what I have accomplished so far. I’m a slow designer as I’m really picky and like to perfect things, so the fact that I have things I deem good enough to sell to others is a Big Deal.
  • Our wedding shower is this Sunday! What.
  • Our wedding is in a monthish! WHAT.
  • A few of my very best and dearest friends from Chicago are coming to Michigan this weekend to celebrate my wedding shower with me. Tomorrow we’re celebrating a birthday as well, which means sushi and a night on the town. I can’t wait.
  • I’m going to have a gyro for dinner tonight which should be at the top of this list, really.

Thanks for checking in this week as always, friends.  – L

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Make Your Mark is a weekly series in which I post a bit of handlettered work in the form of an inspirational, go-get-’em-tiger quote. See previous entries here!

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