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This week was a little rough for me. You might know that my wedding is pretty soon, and if you know me personally, you might also know that my wedding invitations STILL haven’t gone out. Every wedding blog would give me first place for Worst Bride.

I hammered out the final design a couple of months ago (and I really love it, surprisingly) and since then it’s been such an unexpected struggle to get them printed. I got two proofs from local printers, both of which were far below my expectations and standards – one had phantom stripes, another had this weird marble effect, both were not good enough. Due to time and pressure to get them out I ended up going through an online printer I’ve had some success with in the past. After a couple weeks of waiting and wrestling with terrible prints, they finally arrived at my doorstep. And the colors were so mismatched I might as well have gone with the original printers and saved myself a lot of time.

I’m not going to confirm or deny whether I cried.

Fortunately, this printer had the best customer service. They reprinted, checking for color consistency, and overnighted me the new pieces. They should be arriving today! Deep breaths. Every little thing is gonna be alright.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. My birthday is tomorrow and I think we’ll be braving this Michigan cold for a trip to the zoo!  – L

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Make Your Mark is a weekly series in which I post a bit of handlettered work in the form of an inspirational, go-get-’em-tiger quote. See previous entries here!

  1. I’m a fellow (new) Michigan blogger/artist from Grand Rapids (though I am currently living in Arizona with my fiancé while he attends school), and I’ve got to say, I was so excited when I found your blog weeks ago. Your lettering work is great, and I really love coming back to see it each week! You actually inspired my weekly lettering column.
    Anyway, I love your blog and your work! Keep it up. And congratulations on getting married soon. I know I can’t wait to start really planning and making things for it (like the invitations) though I’m also nervous, because like you had said before, I know I’ll struggle with actually liking anything I come up with for awhile! Haha. Us artists sure are hard on ourselves!
    So I wrote you a novel in your comments section, ha. Have a wonderful day and I hope your prints come out amazingly!

    • laurahuston says:

      hey, Julie! thanks so much for your sweet comment – I’m thrilled my little column and lettering could be an inspiration to you in some way. best of luck with your wedding planning and invite designing! can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

  2. I’d give you first prize for best bride ever. Also: cutest, coolest, smartest, talented-est, sweetest and cuddliest bride ever. <3

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