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I found this Paulo Coelho quote this week and felt it to be really applicable in this moment.

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

I’ve been waiting waiting waiting for March to arrive so I can finally take advantage of all of the learning experiences I signed up for. Another Molly Jacques workshop, an online lettering class, and the beginning of B-School (cue excited yelling + fist pumps). I’ve been feeling really guilty lately as these things have been quite a pull on our finances. We could use that money to save for our honeymoon, or to upgrade some of our Ikea furniture to Real Furniture, or to pay a little bit extra principal on our mortgage next month. There’s always something more to pay for that seems to be higher priority than classes for my little business.

Then I remember that I have goals to meet. I have shit to make happen, and I can’t do that without taking some risks. “Nothing can substitute experience.”

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Make Your Mark is a weekly series in which I post a bit of handlettered work in the form of an inspirational, go-get-’em-tiger quote. See previous entries here!

  1. Angel Y. says:

    Exciting to see how your Molly Jacques workshop and your Neil Tasker class goes! I’m almost want to sign up for the Neil Tasker class but I’m not sure. I should take your advice and Be Brave and Take Risks.

    • laurahuston says:

      Thanks, Angel! You should sign up and we can go through it together! I was a bit hesitant about the online class, but for $20 I figured it was worth it regardless. I’ve never seen a lettering class that cheap!

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