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Whew. Friends, I had such a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Chicago. Yesterday was a struggle getting back into routine – I drove back to Michigan late Sunday night and am still recovering from dancing my butt off for hours on Saturday. So worth it. I’m hoping to have photos up soon, but in the meantime, here are the latest updates to my Instagram.

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Paper & Honey

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  1. Working on a DIY project posted a few days ago.
  2. First snow angel in years! Cold butts. No regrets.
  3. Post-haircut bangs shot.
  4. Max + I went to see Nick Offerman’s stand up show. He came on stage shirtless and then looked like this the rest of the time.
  5. Whole bunch of antique cameras.
  6. 25 cupcake friends for Max’s birthday.
  7. A glance outside of our bedroom window at our backyard. I’m so ready for all of that snow to be gone!
  8. SO excited about my new Worley’s Lighting bookends! My books finally have a happy home.
  9. I found this in Max’s car on my birthday. It was close enough.
  10. Surprise little sprout growing out of one of our onions.
  11. Fresh pup with a fresh haircut.
  12. Practicing.

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