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Fall in a new home

Well hey there little blog! I bet you’re feeling neglected. I promise I didn’t forget about you.

This past Halloween, my life changed: my fiancé and I bought our first home! These past few weeks have been filled with painting and building and cleaning and not having any time to relax. It was so worth it though, as this house is totally US and already feels like home. Luckily, Max had a perfectly-timed week off of work that we took full advantage of. We were able to get a ton of work done in time for Young People’s Thanksgiving last Saturday. A bunch of our closest friends came over for a potluck dinner and it could not have been more perfect.

I had to decorate like a fiend in order to get the house looking autumn-y in time, and with actual Thanksgiving come and gone, it’s already time to take them down! For shame (Although I’m actually REALLY excited that I have a basement to store the decorations in. Maybe too much so. Don’t tell anyone). I took some photographs to document this year’s fall decor, and it’s a big one because it’s our house’s First Decor. Not bad for my first mantel if I do say so myself!


Fun fact: I made this bunting using bits of cardboard and a ribbon that was originally used to hold together two accent pillows I bought at Target. Recycling! Am I right?

Fun fact #2: One of my mom’s friends saw it and asked, “Is that a Pinterest?” Adults. Adorable.

This little beauty in the form of a gardening window above the kitchen sink was a huge selling point for me. I am so excited to grow herbs and succulents when it gets warmer.


Everything’s been taken down and the place is a little bit emptier to make room for Christmas, which is totally fine by me.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!  -L

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