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  Get your own custom invitation suite   As a stationer in a world of whites and ivories, when Paper & Honey bride Megan requested navy stock to complement her Cape Cod invitation suite, I wanted to shout from the Massachusetts rooftops. “You are beautiful AND brilliant!!” I would have declared. Instead I probably said […]

Modern nautical, navy & gold foil wedding invitations

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2016: PART TWO. Or, at least, part two to yesterday’s blog post about what worked this year. Writing that post was cathartic and reminded me of all the really incredible things that the year brought, even if it can get difficult to remember all 365 days. I expected writing this to be a lot less […]

2016: what didn’t work

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  I’ll just say it. 2016 was a dumpster fire of a year. Terrible, dangerous, and a little bit smelly, but dang if I can’t look away. Anyone else feeling the same? While my overall feelings of the year could be summed up with a giant sigh and sticking my fingers in my ears, “lalala […]

2016: what worked

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  As you may know, a huge part of my heart and my mission is to tell love stories. I want to work with you to create something so beautiful, so meaningful, that you hold onto it. That you show your grandchildren along with your wedding photos. That’s why when a new client first contacts me […]

Seattle glassybaby proposal | Holly & Brenden

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  One of my favorite parts of being engaged? Getting my photo taken, ALL THE TIME. It’s not that I love having my photo taken. I get weird about it. I worry about double chins and if I’ll remember to stand up straight. I joke about only being photographed on my Good Side but then actually […]

Michigan summer couples session with Heather Nash Photography


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