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A summer in Instagrams

Fall is hands down, absotutely, no doubt about it my favorite season. Driving with the windows down in combination with not sweating is the BEST and you cannot convince me otherwise. And the trees changing colors… ugh. I love it so much. I’ve been a little pre-emptive with my wardrobe — I take the dog out in the morning, feel the incredible 60-ish temperature, and jump into my tights and infinity scarves, only to rip it all off once I leave work and it’s sweltering. Oh, well.

Before I drift further into full on fall mode, I’d like to take a second to appreciate this summer in the best way we Millenials know how: Instagram pictures. Because this summer was pretty great.

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Home life

This summer was spent in a cozy little apartment on the east side of Ann Arbor. It wasn’t the first one spent with my now-fiance, but it was the first one living together. We grew spinach, peppers, and tomatoes in a small garden box he built — my first time REALLY gardening. I’m hooked. We spent evenings on the patio we were fortunate enough to be assigned to and in the field just beyond, taking our pup on walks and letting him run.

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Our Moose

We rescued this incredible little dog this past January and he could not have enriched our lives any more. This summer was the first with a dog of my very own, one who sees me as his Lady. He is the best, even if he does eat all of the flowers off of our budding jalapeno plants.

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I have travelled more in the state of Michigan this summer than I have ever before, I think. Early summer was spent in a rainy Saugatuck bed & breakfast, basking in the fact that I just graduated with a BFA. Mid summer was spent in a Traverse City suite, receiving a proposal from the love of my life, crying and celebrating. Late summer was spent in a tent, camping for the first time, visiting microbreweries and festivals on a second trip to Traverse City.

I can’t wait to take a look at autumn and see how things have changed.

We *are* using their printing presses, though.

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