25 before 26

[divider][/divider]   It was my birthday on Monday! I turned 25 and it feels alright, I suppose. Six months ago I was panicky about the idea of being 25 — I can tell I’m beginning to age physically, I’m probably going to have to seriously consider kids within the next few years, and the fact […]


Making Things Happen. Or at least I would like to.

Make Your Mark / 04

Three months and counting

[divider] [/divider] It struck me really hard the other day. Max and I had gone to see a movie, and in the theater, out of nowhere, it just really hit me. We’re getting married in three months. I can’t even remember what it was exactly that made me think, “Three months is a whole lot […]


Make Your Mark / 01

Hey, new year. Let’s be friends.