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Announcing Paper & Honey coaching

Paper & Honey blog / mentoring & coaching announcement

I am SO excited to announce a new Paper & Honey venture: coaching for small business owners. This is so near and dear to my heart that I feel silly it’s taken this long to come to fruition. So often I get emails seeking assistance, whether it’s a list of detailed questions or just welcoming any and all advice. These emails tend to get buried within my inbox because my current brides are my top priority and I want to be able to clock out at the end of each workday. And that burial leads to a lot of guilt. I want to help!

Enter coaching! This service will allow me to give you the attention and detail that you deserve. I would LOVE to chat with you and answer the questions that Google just can’t seem to no matter how hard you search! Getting to know other creatives, learning their story, encouraging them and helping them get one step closer to their big aha moments just lights me up. And the best part? You’ll gain a new friend in the industry who is cheering for you and cheering for you HARD. And I’ll reap the benefits (and get so much joy!) of watching you and your business grow. Community over competition, friends.

You have big, BIG dreams and you CAN make it happen.


So, who is this for?

Paper & Honey coaching is currently open to all creatives — any profession at any point in their entrepreneurial journey. She could be an up-and-coming stationer wondering how to work with a commercial printer or book more clients. She could be a corporate America nine-to-five-er, reading design blogs by day and practicing calligraphy by night, dreaming of starting something all her own. She could be a seasoned designer looking for a different viewpoint and some extra encouragement. She could be a photographer wondering how to enhance her client experience or establish a social media presence. Anything! Anyone. Just want to pick my brain? This is for you, too.


What topics can we cover?

I am an open book — no questions are off limits. Branding, portfolio reviews, pricing what you’re worth, establishing your creative process, learning or digitizing calligraphy, marketing, having a killer contract, budgeting tools… if you want to know it, I would love to pour information and a healthy dose of love to you and help in any way that I can. Remember: nothing is too small or silly. Running a solo business is hard! There’s so much to learn.


How will this work?

Through the power of the internet! We are SO lucky to live in a time and a place where it’s possible to talk face-to-face (you know what I mean!) with someone halfway across the country. Or across the world, even!

Once you inquire and we agree on a date and time, I’ll send over some comprehensive homework. Don’t worry, it’s not too intimidating — just some basic questions to give me some insight on who you are and what you REALLY want to know. That will allow us to jump right into the juicy stuff during our Skype call! We will have a full 75 minutes to cover as many topics as we can.


Wooo! Giveaway!

To celebrate, I’m giving away one full session with me! The only caveat is that afterwards I’ll be picking YOUR brain to hear your feedback. 🙂 To enter, comment below with a quick intro of yourself as well as one big dream of yours. What would you love to be doing one year from now? Five years from now? When you find yourself daydreaming, what’s it about? How do you want to spend your days?

I’ll be selecting the winner at random on Monday, January 12th! Good luck!!

EDIT — Thank you SO much to everyone who entered! I am beside myself and humbled by the response, and so excited that I decided to pick TWO winners! Big, big congratulations to Julie Wylie and Johnna Hetrick! I cannot wait to get to know you two beauties better and dig deep into how we can help your businesses flourish.



Don’t want to wait until the giveaway ends to get in contact? No problem! Feel free to email me for more info at hello(at)paperandhoney(dot)com 🙂

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