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It’s true: Paper & Honey® is now Paper & Honey Press! We’ve evolved and grown by about 2000 pounds of cast iron joy. 2017 has held a lot of growth and change for us, but by far the biggest (and COOLEST) has been bringing home Winnie, our first press. We scoured the internet for a […]

Introducing Winnie the Press (we’re a letterpress studio!)

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  Guys. Want to hear the sweetest words in the wedding world? Off season.  You thought it’d be “I do” or something totally nice and romantic, right? NAH. Off season is it, babe. And what a sweet season this is. From January to September, wedding vendors like me are working our little tails off. Emails, proposals, […]

Changes coming to the Paper & Honey blog and newsletter

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  It’s true! We’re hiring! Building Paper & Honey in 2013, I was excited to do everything. I’m my own boss! I’m booking clients, handling my accounting and bookkeeping, upping my social media game, packing up orders, designing gorgeous paper, everything. All by myself. I am unstoppable! Look at me go! …until business picked up, reality […]

Paper & Honey is hiring!

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A few months ago I had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by Ashley Bush! Ash and I met in March 2015 at the Creative at Heart Conference and I was instantly impressed by her. She’s a cool chick who’s not afraid to work hard and carve a big roomy space for herself in our industry. You […]

Creative Spotlight Interview

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