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  I’ll just say it. 2016 was a dumpster fire of a year. Terrible, dangerous, and a little bit smelly, but dang if I can’t look away. Anyone else feeling the same? While my overall feelings of the year could be summed up with a giant sigh and sticking my fingers in my ears, “lalala […]

2016: what worked

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  As you may know, a huge part of my heart and my mission is to tell love stories. I want to work with you to create something so beautiful, so meaningful, that you hold onto it. That you show your grandchildren along with your wedding photos. That’s why when a new client first contacts me […]

Seattle glassybaby proposal: Holly & Brenden

Real wedding

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  One of my favorite parts of being engaged? Getting my photo taken, ALL THE TIME. It’s not that I love having my photo taken. I get weird about it. I worry about double chins and if I’ll remember to stand up straight. I joke about only being photographed on my Good Side but then actually […]

Michigan summer couples session with Heather Nash Photography


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  Guys! I did a thing! And that thing is a podcast! I was so sweaty and nervous and tried to cancel but I did it! In recent years I’ve discovered that I really dislike public speaking. I can talk all day but once I get on that “stage,” once I have an Official Microphone, my brain […]

I’m on the Creative Empire Podcast!

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